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The Lucia Light is a massage for the brain. Succinctly put the light is equal to 5 hours of meditation in 20 minutes


The Lucia N°3 is a computer controlled stroboscopic lamp with 8 LED lights and 1 halogen light in the centre.  It is therapeutic light experience capable of putting the “Light Traveller” in various states, such as deep relaxation, meditative or dreamlike states and various transcendental experiences.

The Lucia N°03 provides a deep nervous system relaxation while simultaneously providing a unique transcendental visual meditation experience. Light Travellers experience a state of deep relaxation coupled with focus, where one is in touch with their own intuition and sense of wholeness. It is being used in therapeutic settings as well as in research environments relating to entheogenic perceived near-death experiences or of out body experiences.

Lucia N°03 uses pulsed, white LED lights in adjustable frequencies and intensities alongside a constant light source which can also be varied from dim to bright. White light passes through closed eyelids, past the retina to the pineal gland, and creates a visual experience of one’s own design, or NeuroArt. Lucia N°03 stimulates the pineal gland, which gets very excited with the lights and their differing rhythms and intensities.This results in the colourful and swirling visionary reactions that differ with each individual, you become the artist.  The inner consciousness of the Traveller produces scenes of indescribable beauty.  Music enhances the experience as the mind combines the two stimuli, generating synesthesia – the experience of seeing music. Just like tones which through their sequence are experienced as music, the sequences of pulsed light with the constant light of Lucia N°03 create an overall experience that can be described as an optical counterpart to music.

The Lucia Light was developed by 2 Austrian doctors: Dirk Proeckl (Neurologist) and Engelbert Winkle (Psychiatrist). At age 7, Dr Winkle had a transformative near-death experience (NDE). This led him to extensively research NDE phenomena. He found – most NDE’s were preceded by bright light.  Ancient cultures for example the Mayans, Egyptians and native Americans were aware of the effect of bright light on consciousness.  Gazing into the flames of a flickering fire or other bright light source, in dark caves, led to expanded, altered states.  Often, people would experience mystical states of bliss, deep peace and oneness with Spirit, that enters into other worlds and dimensions, and connect with Light beings. Receiving oracles, divinations and healing. Inspired by a series of recurring dreams, where its design and name were given by Spirit, Lucia (“light” in Italian). The doctors were told, “Lucia must be created to awaken the consciousness of humanity.” The doctors discovered that Lucia creates wave patterns in the EEG that would usually only appear after several years of meditation practice. Thousands of people in US, Canada, UK, Europe, Asia & Australia have experienced Lucia.  
Light enters the retina and stimulates the *pineal, which opens up, to create an amazing and powerful kaleidoscopic experience of vivid colours, psychedelic effects and sacred geometric shapes and forms. Music (ancient Solfeggio frequencies for DNA healing), enhances the experience.  Both of the doctors use the Lucia Light with their clients in their practices. During the closed eye sessions, you’ll enjoy a dreamscape of colours and varying light patterns of sacred geometry held within your own body and mind.

*The pineal gland is also known as the third eye. And it's called the third eye because it is, quite literally, a third eye you have within your brain. Pineal gland is an endocrine gland in the Brain. Darkness makes Pineal gland produce Melatonin, a hormone which modulates wake / sleep and seasonal changes.


During the closed eye sessions, you’ll enjoy a dreamscape of colours and varying light patterns of sacred geometry.


Benefits of the Lucia Light Experience

Supercharges the brain with light energy
Quick and sustainable deep relaxation
Pineal / 3rd eye activation
Improved quality of sleep
Increased mental abilities & concentration
Increased clarity and big picture thinking
Mood enhancement
Rapidly gain the benefits that come from years of practising meditation


Assists meditation for the very experienced or those who find it hard to do.
The Lucia has been taken to Lhasa in Tibet and the head monks were amazed saying: this is our best meditation and we usually only have those a few times a year.

– Tibetan Monks
Experiencing the Lucia light machine regularly took me to the deepest meditational states I have ever experienced. It brought more clarity to my life and helped me take action on things I had been resisting or fearful of for years. The Lucia light is beautiful to experience, takes you to another realm that is peaceful and freeing. I highly recommend the Lucia light to anyone who is wanting clearing, uplifting and healing change in their life. I also began to dream and vividly so, for the first time in my life.
– Tali Brash | Actor and Playwrite
Lucia appealed because I loved Kaleidoscopes from when I first got introduced to them as a child. After a Lucia session I always feel happy and alive, relaxed, optimistic and my creativity is amped up. I use intention before a session and always get results/answers – even days later. The results have been phenomenal for me. There’s the feeling of seeing more clearly and trusting more in the inner self.
– Irene Dobson | Film Producer
I was drawn intuitively to experience Lucia light and after a few sessions all my creative projects began moving forward at warp speed. I experienced a such a great sense of personal power and effectiveness. So much clarity about all aspects of my life. Breakthroughs began happening spontaneously.
– Nancy Bekhor | Writer and Vibrational Mentor
Many thanks for giving me the opportunity to have wonderful experience of Lucia Light. It brought such a balancing and calming effect, that I delved deep in meditation experience. I found that it was inducing such an effect that my brain was in Alfa wavelength. Which is the best self- healing state of our brains. A very balancing to my yin/yang aspect. I hope I would have Lucia Light more often, to deepen my healing process.
– Prem Nishchel | Musician and Counsellor
Each session is a different experience and profound in that I feel the work that is being done on my brain’s neural pathways and pineal gland. I always breathe deeply as I go into the experience and then fall into a pattern of easy breathing, as though in a meditation. I have found increased clarity in my work and my writing.  It helps to shift the feeling of stuck-ness that can stop me from taking steps that can serve me best, and instead I find myself going with the flow more with less stress and more ease. I plan to continue with occasional sessions and know I can trust myself to know when it is time for a light session. For me the Lucia Light has been a wonderful addition to my life and journey. I love what takes place in a session and I love that the Lucia can clear my mind to help focus on what I can create in my life.
– Linda MacDonald | Poet and Healer
The very first session had an immediate and remarkable impact on me.
It was fascinating! I could feel the light working at the pineal gateway down my spine – literally allowing the light to pour in and a sense of ease into my body and central nervous system. there were no boundaries – the only ones being the thoughts that blocked the expansiveness. Incredible!  a lightness of being that helps connect me to more than my small self could ever fathom. The remainder of the sessions became an important resource which contributed to my ability to access deeper states of meditation and awareness.

– Tas Manopoulos | Psychotherapist
I have been going through a relationship break-up over the weeks of my light therapy, which has symbolically been me letting go of the last connection to my old life. Each time I had the Lucia, thankfully I gained a little more perspective on the situation. I feel my awareness has increased a level! I’ve noticed more intuitions and I feel more spacious and expanded, especially since my last session, where I felt the shift occur. My clairvoyancy has increased a little, seeing more colours and lights than before I began the treatment. My creativity has been showing up in different ways, through dancing and poetry. I have had increased insight into my life purpose, and new ideas about how I want to incorporate teaching primary school children and spirituality have arisen!
– IB
The Lucia opened up my body and mind. After I took a Lucia, I found that there were fewer negative thoughts – it’s not that the Lucia took it away, but that it enabled me to focus on something kinder and bigger life. Sometimes after I took a Lucia, a serendipitous moment would occur. Be it big or small, there were always small signs and confirmation that life was helping and guiding force that wants to help you. Lucia helps you see this.
– Andrew Murray | Visual Artist
Experiencing the Lucia is a journey unbound by time into the greater realms of the spirit--going home & beyond. Magnificent. A continuing multilayered rich tapestry to be explored. Wondrous!!! Unlimited adventures await.
– Jude
I just had a Lucia before starting work yesterday and as a result the day was very satisfying. – I experienced clarity & endurance, & then a great night’s sleep to boot.
– TM
I can feel quite a difference since I began the therapy! There is a big change in my mental clarity, as I have been concentrating more easily on my uni work and able to read longer passages without getting so distracted.
– Isabel Baring | Student


I was diagnosed with body dimorphic disorder (BDD) and most recently borderline personality disorder (BPD). I have been on a small amount of anti-depressant medication to boost serotonin levels for the last 3/4 months. Thankfully I had met Nancy and started using Lucia weekly. Lucia aids my clarity and a general peace of mind. I believe Lucia is evolutionary. I believe while under the therapeutic loving contact of Lucia it is more possible for me to make contact with my authentic self. Every time I have had a Lucia I have left feeling high in spirits in a balanced way. It distracts the mind long enough to shift negative thoughts. The colourful and magical images only naturally send you in to your own special place making new space for the creation of positive and meaningful connections. I am well on track with achieving my main and fundamental goal, which is to come off my medication (under supervision of my psychiatrist) because of Lucia . I look forward to my next Lucia session as every session gets better and better.
– Andrew John Mcpartland | Student
In my work as a sacred harpist therapist predominantly for those passing over and the terminally ill, it is necessary for me to have a way to continuously to restore my energy to remain balanced and authentic. Sessions with the Lucia replenish my life force.
– Janet Borg | Sacred Harpist



The Session with Elizabeth: The light treatment takes between 20-30 minute. You will be lying down in a medium to dark room, so make sure you wear something comfortable. You can have a treatment any time of the day, do not book a time if you have been drinking alcohol in the last 12 hours. If you wish to have transformation coaching with the light session, then you can book the LIGHT + TRANSFORM one-hour session, which includes setting intentions 15 minutes prior to the light session and working with the results of the light session afterwards for stronger integration


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