A number of my clients, friends and acquaintances often question where is the next step? Do I go forth in life and seize the day and see what pans out or should I be making headway into an extension of what I am doing or create a new list of ‘things I would like to accomplish in the next 12 months”?

Humans are generally an ambitious bunch and that ambitions falls into various degrees of ambition, but ultimately, we are always trying to try something new, fix it even when it’s not broken.

How do we decide the right time to venture forward or stay put? To be honest I am putting this out there, because I don’t know. I am always looking at ways to improve my life and others lives and sometimes it’s exhausting. Imagine if there was one day a month, that’s only 12 days per year; where we put aside a day of not thinking about the past or the future, we are just being, at one, in the moment?

I wonder how our mindset would be the next day?!

The lives we live, and this is not an age sensitive topic, everyone from school

age on seems to be ON all the time. The concentration span of most of us has figuratively gone out the window, and the many variables there is to think about, including the constant pressure to be ON our devices.

Coming back to the 1 day a month of being in the present, that includes not accessing social media platforms! I am not saying leave the devices in a cool spot all day, because on your not ON day you might need it to confirm catch ups with friends or family. I am saying don’t look at social media and don’t look at work-oriented emails, school functions etc. only look at re-confirming well deserved catch ups with those important people in your life.

I believe our stress levels will drop a few degrees for at least one day….

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