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Changing Gears, Changing Careers

When is the right time to move on with your work life?

Changing careers at any time of your life can be filled with uncertainty and doubt. Changing careers later in life can be profoundly daunting but exciting too.

When I decided I needed a career change, I put a lot of thought and research into my next steps. I wanted new horizons but realised I should look towards my strengths — that I should choose something I’m passionate about and also something to make use of my existing skill set.

After a lot of heartfelt searching (including a large dose of gut instinct), I decided to study Life Coaching. I’m thrilled I decided on this career path because I yearn to help people with their life direction and decision making — it’s such a buzz for me! Studying the course was a natural fit. This new career has taken me on a such a satisfying path — a path where I meet wonderful people with incredible potential that often only need a slight nudge in the right direction from an objective outsider (that’s me!). Plus, I am learning all the time too, so it’s a win–win. My skill is to recognise the roadblocks, help free up the pathway and motivate you to complete life’s journey in the best possible way.

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